Our goal at Tigress Gloves is to provide our customers with the very best! The best quality materials, the best craftsmanship, the best price, and the best customer service!

We are changing factories in 2020.

Our new factory will provide you with new, superior leather options. 

We have also secured one of the most highly regarded expert glove craftsman in the world!

Tigress Gloves will enjoy better leather, better craftsmanship, and higher end small touches that will make your glove feel like a work of art with a beautiful fit on your hand. 

We consider our gloves the standard that all others should be measured against. Any glove that deserves consideration as an equal will run you twice as much!

Knowing this, we have no problem proclaiming that Tigress is the best fastpitch glove you can get!



Be a Tiger


Fastpitch players are known for being extremely tough and tenacious. 

We think your glove should live up to your attitude on the field! 

Tigress fastpitch gloves are designed to exceed your needs on the field. They are built to last, and look good doing it! 

With Tigress you can truly be both the Beauty and the Beast!

We use the best materials!


Premium leather, softened sheepskin finger stalls, luxurious soft tanned leather palm lining, rolled welting, pro grade lace, soft fur or a moisture wicking wrist band, along with a superior design and expert craftsmanship, make this a serious glove meant to perform when you count on it most!

Get the glove you deserve!


Too many times we see softball players wearing the wrong glove. It's too big, or too stiff, or too soft because it is a hand-me-down. A softball glove will have a larger pocket than a baseball glove. A girl's glove should also have a smaller hand stall and you should have the option of factory break in so you can use it as soon as you get it! 


We understand that not everyone is in the market for a glove that cost over $200. Many of you are just looking for a very high end glove, at a reasonable price, that will get the job done for a number of years. You need a glove you can trust and be proud of, and you want something made just for your sport! 

TIGRESS SELECT is exactly the leather you are looking for. SELECT is a very high quality leather, comparable to gloves that are $250 off the shelf at the big sporting good stores. SELECT is a tight grain, light leather. Ideal for play at any level.

TIGRESS ELITE is offered for the more experienced player. This leather is more rigid than Select when new. It will take longer to break in due to its stiffer nature. However, once you break it in just the way you want it, it will perform just like the gloves used by professional softball players, and baseball's major leaguers! 

TIGRESS PRO is a reserve leather, saved for the most demanding player. PRO leather is beautifully smooth. Some would describe it as "creamy". It is the absolute best leather available! Highly durable and formable. This is our pride and joy. We only offer it in custom gloves, because you should be able to put your name on a work of art like this!

We don't follow the crowd at TIGRESS. We don't think you want to either. If you did, you wouldn't  be reading this!


We understand that there is nothing quite like having your own personalized glove!

You can select everything! You choose your leather type, your size, web design, wrist style and colors of leather and stitching. You can also have your name added to the glove in either script lettering or block lettering. 

You can also include your team logo if you like! All we need is the artwork, and your team logo can be placed where our logo would normally go on the thumb.

If you are interested in building your own glove, see forms below. Or you can contact us, and we will send you some forms so that you can look them over, make your choices, and return it us with your order. 

It's your glove! A real one of a kind!

Custom gloves will usually arrive in about 4-6 weeks.


e have had several request for lighter weight gloves, especially for younger players. 

We listened! 

We now make a light weight glove, using lighter padding and naturally lighter kip leather. 

The result is a high quality custom glove glove which helps younger players flash their leather like a pro! 

See the order form below.

Custom Glove Order Forms

To place your order for a custom glove, please download the Order Form from below. Print it out, and make your selections. There are multiple forms to assist you. 

Take your time... Once the order is placed, there will be no refunds.

As always, we are here to help if you need it. 

When you are ready to submit your order form, please email it to Tigress@Tigressgloves.com THEN PROCEED TO THE STORE AND PURCHASE THE CUSTOM GLOVE. 

Order will not be processed prior to payment.

Include a file of your artwork if you are requesting a team logo where the Tigress Head would normally be on the thumb.


We offer outstanding pricing for team purchases. A team purchase is ten or more gloves, ordered at one time.

Team gloves may include a team logo embroidered on the glove as part of the customization!

The team logo will go on the thumb, where the TIGRESS head logo is normally placed. 

Your colors, your logo, your name, all at the best pricing available!

Contact us by email for more information

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