What makes TIGRESS special?

Tigress Gloves are made for you! We are a fastpitch glove company.

We feel that fastpitch players have been neglected by the major labels, such as Wilson and Rawlings. Do you know they don't even offer fastpitch models in their premium leather? Why do you think that would be? Why is the best reserved for baseball only?

Tigress only uses the best leather! We only make fastpitch gloves! When you are wearing a Tigress glove, you are wearing the same glove our pros use!

Tigress has built our reputation on quality, price and customer service. We have quickly become the glove of choice for players at all levels! 

We have the best Master Craftsman, highly experienced technicians, and a thorough quality control system using multiple inspection points during our hand-made construction process. We continue to evolve to bring you the latest in quality and comfort offerings, and we don't stop improving just because we have reached the top already! 

We know the big labels won't like losing their spot on the throne. They know they charge too much and under deliver. They will have to step up their game if they plan on keeping up with Tigress... and they will try! This is why we keep pushing! We will not let them catch us!

We encourage you to compare us to your current glove, or any other glove on the market for that matter. We don't care if you compare us to gloves that cost twice as much as Tigress. You cannot find a better glove, at any price!

Tigress Gloves truly are THE BEST GLOVE YOU CAN GET!


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