Are you really still considering our competition?

It's amazing to us, that no matter what information we give to players, there are still many people that cannot pull themselves away from overpaying for the label on a glove.

Can you imagine if gloves were sold without any labeling on them at all? In this imaginary world, let's also imagine that a Tigress custom glove was laid along side a Rawlings and Wilson custom glove. We can also include any other custom glove in the same lineup.

Now, let's put a sticker price on each glove. These gloves, without labels, would be priced something like this... $210, $550, $550, $185, $289, $350...

You don't know it, but the first glove is Tigress, the second and third are Rawlings and Wilson, after that are other gloves that specialize in customs, but are not of the same quality or craftsmanship as the first three. All but the first three would immediately be pushed aside and you would not consider them.

Your only choices now are $210, $550 and $550. No labels... From a quality standpoint, you can't tell the difference. From a comfort standpoint, they all seem similar. The first one seems to be more innovative in it's design though. It offers a combination of all the best features from the other two. There are no ugly patches, and it has tighter stitch work, excellent form, and a more comfortable hand stall. 

You can purchase two of the first one for less than one of the other two! 

Make your choice! 

TIGRESS is the best glove you can get!

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Jessica walker

Hello.. we are a dedicated 9u team with a large fan base and active Facebook group.. we would love ta partner with you on gloves. We can advertise! Let’s talk about it

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